Miss your free Dairy Queen cone? Time to Catch a Free Ritas Ice or Ben & Jerry Cone

Giveaways make the news; influencers tweet them, and fans love them.  Free cone day at Dairy Queen’s caught on with #FreeConeDay  and was trending on Social Mention last weekend.  Such excitement over free food is tweeted by the national news, hospitals, and even the competition.  DQ celebrating 75 years in business with a “Free Cone Day” shared the promotion on Twitter.  “Lunch needs dessert. Stop by a DQ store and let us hand you a FREE soft serve cone,” @DairyQueen.   SocialMention.com accumulated real-time content being generated across platforms about Dairy Queen last week.  Keywords and users are analyzed and displayed into distinct categories and measures.  Statistics are needed for businesses looking to form a strategy for a product or service.  Companies and personal brands should all be monitoring relevant topics.  Awareness of online conversations about your brand will assist in responding appropriately (Web Share Video, 2012). The audience reach of the DQ campaign ranked 27%;  this is the number of unique offers referencing your brand divided by the total number of mentions (or people talking about your product).

Players in the cone and ice business made the most of the DQ promotion using keywords: Italian, Ice, Free, Spring, Dairy, and Cone.  Friday, March 20, Rita’s  is kicking off  spring with an Italian ice giveaway customers are welcomed to a free Italian ice in any flavor of their choosing.   Rita’s freebies come as a result of the 600-location chain’s hosting its 23rd annual First Day of Spring Free Italian Ice Giveaway.

Rita's locations
Click for Rita’s locations

Ben & Jerry’s  announced their #FreeConeDay  April 14th on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook  Using the keyword cone to promote their big day which yielded 115 hits on Social Mention on March 17th, 2015.

Free Cone Day @ Ben & Jerry's
Free Cone Day @ Ben & Jerry’s

Passion is the measure of likelihood that individuals talking about your brand will do so repeatedly. All it takes is a small group of very passionate advocates. Social Mention reads “the more authors, the lower the score. The higher the score, the more significant it is”, and DQ rated 22% in the passion category.  Authors of a product can be hired influencers, if you look at the Social Mention stats from the DQ campaign there are top “users”:  albrightmedia, KBDProductions, dairyqu56 rolled out tweets with #conewithme.  PR firms routinely approach bloggers and social media influencers the opportunity to work with a large brand.  Collaborating with influencers gives them the chance to associate with brand representatives. (Tran, 2015) @Thompson & Co. PR (March 16, 2015) tweeted ” We interrupt your twitterfeed with an important announcement. Free ice cream at @DairyQueen! #conewithme.   PR firms routinely approach bloggers and social media influencers the opportunity to work with a large brand.  A  public relations program will help build  awareness of your product or brand and will supplement any direct marketing promotions (Knowledge Center, 2015).  Observing the hashtag trends, the reach, and strength of the content, provides more consideration to seeking out another topic of interest and the power of metrics.


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