Evoking Audience Response with Video Marketing

Past video campaigns from Old Spice and Chipotle have gone viral with fans and critics alike spreading their content like a wildfire.  Old Spice was practically re-invented with “The Man Your Man Can Smell Like” videos with an 800% increase in Facebook fans and 50 million views on YouTube generating a big impression on the brand.  Followers were posting additional content in ‘real time’, and it had a snowball effect.  Even men chimed in, posting imitations of the video.

Response to Old Spice
Response to Old Spice

The strategy of humor intertwined with the sexy and charismatic actor,  Isaiah Mustafa gave a whole new edge to the Old Spice brand.


To increase engagement, Old Spice incorporated a response campaign and downloaded 186 video responses from fans and celebrities pulled from different social media platforms.  The real-time messages YouTube video received 5.9 million views on the first day ranking top 8 out of 11 videos on the web (Stroom Media, 2010).

The 2013 Chipotle “The Scarecrow” powerful storytelling video was posted via social channels and Chipotle never paid for placement.  The key is not to approach content marketing like an advertiser looking for sales figures, rather post what content will genuinely help a persona or attract the attention of an influencer. “When it comes down to heavily promotional branded content vs. an unbranded approach, the latter will gain more traction in the form of social shares and links” (Cope, 2013).

With more than 11.6 million views on YouTube, 31,000 tweets, and 12,000 Facebook posts totaling 126 million impressions. The images evoke sad emotions. Cows in boxes and chickens being injected with growth hormone shots. The visuals are sharp, sad eyes of the cows, mean-looking crows and Fiona Apple sets the tone.


There was talk of criticism when Sirota (2013) suggested the video promoted vegetarian eating because it did not show animals being raised in a humane fashion, rather vegetables being featured as the primary meal.

sad cow

Content marketing is successful if a brand sends the message of what they do for others.  Chipotle sells fast-food, but its story isn’t about eating burritos on the fly, rather what it represents.   CEO of Chipotle, Steve Ells, takes a trip down memory lane to discuss Chipotle’s early years stating he was inspired by the book,  “Art of Eating” and speaks of good food that is responsibly and humanely sourced.

Ultimately, the viewer can see the bigger message in the animation: Cultivate a better world. A world improved for future generations. Cultivate Foundation, which has contributed more than $2 million thus far to help fund initiatives that support sustainable agriculture and family farming. The viewer walks away with the importance of  the cause, even though they just took in a major marketing campaign.

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