3 Ways to Improve Content Marketing

Content marketing is not a “one size fits all approach”, the organization has to decide where and how they are using it.  A company should not create tons of content, and not use it effectively (Verill, 2013).

A recent software advice survey found that marketers state social media received the “most votes for being low cost and very popular, however a high number of leads is not being produced”   Is this bring back the right people to your website?

Dominos created a website in 2009 for their “Oh Yes We Did” campaign with their Pizza Turn Around Documentary  specifically to request customers to try their new recipe.  On the site is a Twitter feed that ends in 2011 after a lot of the huff has ended.  One one advantage to the site is it has a “call to action” button to “order now” which directs the user back to Domino’s webpage. The key success factor on Domino’s homepage is the ability to order via mobile.  Approximately 40% of the company’s domestic stores’ retail sales originate digitally including mobile orders. A substantial and growing portion of the company’s international stores’ retail sales also originate online.

Looking at a the content of Domino’s YouTube channels there are many videos uploaded this year on working at Domino’s headquarters in Michigan. Specifically 10 videos with 8 focusing on the company’s leadership program, 1 on supply chain, and 1 on working in IT.  Understandably so, there should be a video on the culture of a company.  Shouldn’t Domino’s list the extra videos and intern interviews on their college recruitment page?

Once a goal is established the return is measured by sales, cost savings, and customer retention. Are the customers engaging in the content?   Does it matter? The company should care about three things when it comes to content marketing measurement and ROI.

  1. Is the content driving sales for us?
  2. Is the content saving costs for us?
  3. Is the content making our customers happier, thus helping with retention?

Content marketing is about “changing a behavior” or maintaining your brand. It is about valuable, relevant, consistent content to a defined audience. B2B Content Marketing trends uses the chart below for secondary indicators for ROI .  These are things like web traffic increase, page view increase, decrease in bounce back rates, Tweets or Facebook shares, and search engine rankings.

Secondary Indicators in Content Management

Measuring the success of Domino’s web campaigns by sales would rate positive. The company recorded revenues of $1,802.2 million during the financial year ended December 2013 increase of 7.4% over 2012. The net profit was $143 million in FY2013, an increase of 27.2% over 2012. Domino’s recorded net income of $48 million for the fourth quarter and $162.6 million for the year, up 7% and 14%, respectively (Domino’s, 2014).

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Photo credit: Pizza City : The Ultimate Guide to New York’s Favorite Food.


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