Vine and Instagram Content for Zojirushi

The very cool Android app Vine, encourages you video record your message or ad.  Make it short and sweet is the idea (6 seconds), with videos searchable through hashtags.

Playing with the Vine app, I chose to upload product videos of Zojirushi.  The 90 year old Japanese company specializes in cooking and food preservation products, meaning fabulous lunch boxes, thermos, and soup containers.  Not only does the  bento lunch box organize your food, it keeps it hot for approximately 4 hours.   Long enough to bring it with you to work and conveniently eat it without resorting to a microwave.


The videos I posted focus on the company’s stylish bento box, food storage, and convenience.  The purpose is to show the ease of use, and handiness for active people.  Although the bento box is my item of focus, the company makes beverage dispensers, stainless steel vacuum bottles, and even rice cookers. Zojirushi wants to “offer attractive products that cater to modern needs.”  Since I’m not a skilled photographer, I duplicated some photos of lunch and beverage dispensers from Twitter and Pinterest posts.

There are only 120 Pinterest followers on Zojirushi America, 0 followers on Zojirushi USA Intstagram, and 8,400 on Zojirushi America Corporation on Facebook.  There is also a large social media presence in Japan, however I kept my strategy to tweeting video to the USA Twitter account of Zojirushi (@ZojirushiUSA).

Click for Vine video
Click for Vine video

Predicting the likability of a video, it is not likely to be too shared as the video results look like an ad in my opinion.  If there was a planned meal instruction and practical uses to use the lunch bento box, I think people would share the video.  This is a possible route for Zojirushi to use for future marketing on Vine as a lot of videos are focused on a food category.  Zojirushi has recipe sharing on Pinterest, and videos would help promote that feature, and that would be an opportunity to fill in their much needed Instagram content.

A suggestion for building emotional connection is to find a brand ambassador for Zojirushi.  A perfect example is a fitness person or body builder that eats healthy small meals throughout the day.  The bento lunch box would accommodate their timed meal requirements. If Zojirushi found a brand ambassador in the USA, they could use the star’s time meals, and how to prep them with photos and videos on Instagram and  Vine.  Sharing digital content would improve brand awareness and gain more followers in the USA market.  Here is an example of a brand ambassador in Instagram that shares meals, recipes, photos, and videos:

Jazzy meal

Twitter owns Vine, meaning vine videos can be shared to twitter providing the opportunity to add hashtags to the tweet copy.  Use tools to track the hashtags like tweetreach, searching for your custom-made hashtag for your Vine videos.  Tweetreach will tell you how many tweets that hashtag received, how many impressions it received, and how many people it reached. This will give you a look into how you’re doing on Vine.


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